Guide of Getting Life Shards in Boom Beach for Players

boom beach existence shard reclaim

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Hello, guys. This I am going to introduce you 3 ways of getting Lifestyle Shards within Boom Beach. Hope anyone will enjoy it.

1. The Actual easiest method to obtain a new life Shard would become to reclaim an Idol for just one Shard. Obviously the actual Idol provides being from the Existence Fragment. This will take seven Existence Fragments to generate an Idol. once we hold the Idol, reclaim it for a Lifestyle Shard. We will need seven life Shards to have any Crystal.

2. another method to get Lifestyle Shards in Boom Beach is often to attack your own enemies. each occasion we attack various other baseand defeat the village, we’ll use a opportunity at earning any Existence Shard. for each attack that people win, we have a 12% chance in getting any life Shard. The Particular percentage isnt that will fantastic yet that just implies that you have to always be able to attack a lot more villages.

boom beach lifestyle shard

The Lifestyle Shards throughout Boom Beach might help boost production of our own resources like wood as well as stone. These types of life Shards in Boom Beach are usually definitely important to acquire if we’re looking to maximize our production. and obtaining Lifestyle Shards are not as hard as we might think. Allows have a take a look at it

3. Any third method to get life Shards within Boom Beach is merely by exploring along with attacking some other villages a new lot. The Particular much more active we have been within the game the particular far better we prize in the ship we’ll get. every day there exists a ship that sails for you to our village for just about all associated with us in order to declare a prize. When we’re active a complete lot a lot a lot more than others playing the actual game, the actual compensate will be greater. In case we dont discover and attack a lot though, only then do we may possibly acquire coins or other resources.